Technology is Changing the Human Condition

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Chase Iron Eyes
Chase Iron Eyes Chase Iron Eyes is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Chase has dedicated himself to ending the marginalization of his brothers and sisters by fighting in courts and, more recently, by co-founding, which helped lead an effort on behalf of the Oceti Sakowin to regain control of Pe Sla, one of their most sacred sites in the Black Hills. Chase is a graduate of the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver and serves as Lead Dakota Counsel for the Lakota People’s Project.
Chase Iron Eyes will be a part of the “Revolutionizing Protest” panel at the 2017 Future of Wealth Summit.


Technology is rewiring the 21st century for better and worse. Technology has always been about making human beings more comfortable. Only now, human beings cannot afford to be comfortable. We have existential challenges facing us right now: climate change, water shortage/privatization, nuclear conflict, big finance, big extraction, the hijacking of our democracy and so on.

What is the solution? We will find out. In the meantime, “activists” “protest.” What are they protesting about? Why, and more importantly, how? What empowered Arab Spring, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Muslim-Bans, Water Protectors, and so forth?

Technology and the digital age isn’t increasing our liberating spirit – it is merely allowing us to document its evolution, in real time. There is much to be said about the human adaptation to this digital takeover of the way we interact, live our lives, protest, consume, digest, learn, purchase, define ourselves, nurture our identity, develop our personalities, and so on.

What is the revolution? What are we protesting? To protest, by definition, is to admit that a certain state of affairs is our reality – and, possibly, that this social-political-economic-legal reality possesses any moral authority, but we know it does not. We are organizing, impacting on levels heretofore completely unknown and impossible. Yet, who owns the fiber? Who owns the spectrum, the signals? Who defines the free speech zone, the confines of which dictate the contours of your “right” to protest? This is a double-edged sword. Our increased protesting increases our surveillance. It’s all there, at our own doing.

Will we use technology for good or bad, dark or light, to “protest” or to create new, just realities?

Nature is our true media.

Let us take our place and tell the world. We are human beings. We seek a liberation: Spiritual, Material, Economic, Political.

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