An Education Declaration for the Future

Written by

Madhu Vulimiri
Madhu Vulimiri Madhu Vulimiri is a research intern at Global Policy Solutions. She is studying Health Policy and Management at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and is originally from Morrisville, North Carolina. Madhu is passionate about reducing health disparities in underserved communities.

The Institute for America’s Future and the Opportunity to Learn Campaign have joined a diverse group of education advocates to release an “Education Declaration” that demands a new direction in public school policy, focused on opportunities and supports for students – and respect for teachers.


The declaration calls for early education and grade-level reading, equitable funding and resources, student-centered supports, improved teaching quality, high-quality diagnostic assessments, effective discipline, and meaningful parent and community engagement.

“Americans have long looked to our public schools to provide opportunities for individual advancement, promote social mobility and share democratic values. We have built great universities, helped bring children out of factories and into classrooms, held open the college door for returning veterans, fought racial segregation and struggled to support and empower students with special needs. We believe good schools are essential to democracy and prosperity — and that it is our collective responsibility to educate all children, not just a fortunate few.”

Every child and teacher should be able to learn and teach in an equitable, quality, and rewarding educational environment. To join the campaign, add your name to the declaration to advocate for education reform that fosters supportive school environments where our children can become the thinkers, leaders, and innovators of the future.

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