Women’s History Month: The Importance of International Women’s Day

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Here we are in 2013. You may wonder, is there really still a need for an International Women’s Day?
The answer, in short, is an unabashed yes!

Why? Well, consider a few stats. In the workplace, while there has been progress, women around the globe still face severe disadvantages.  From the US to Africa, women everywhere generally have fewer job opportunities than men. The employment rates of women on average are only 50% of those of men (in South Asia 29% and in Arab States only 16%).  Additionally, women account for 70% of the world’s poor but account for only 1% of the world’s wealth.

How can we narrow these divides? One crucial way is by expanding educational opportunities for women, especially in emerging economies. Few can articulate this point better than 15-year-old education activist Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan (Video Below):

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