Congressman Ted Lieu on Why Representation for People of Color Is Important

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In conversation with Ray Suarez at our 2016 Color of Wealth Summit, Congressman Ted Lieu talked about what made him realize why lack of representation for people of color should in leadership positions is a problem:

When I was a state legislator I worked on issues related to foundations and found out that they gave less money to minority-owned nonprofits. I introduced a bill together with the African American and Hispanic caucuses to ask foundations to disclose the racial and gender makeup of their boards. When it looked like the bill was going to get to the governor, they promised to give over $30 million dollars more to minority nonprofits. I don’t think these foundations were intentionally thinking how to discriminate, but that this was a result of the fact that the people sitting on their boards did not look like you and me. So many times you have to make people rethink what they do.