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The Next Great Communicator

Written by Scott Carroll

Having lived through seemingly a full range of presidents and presidential performances over the preceding decades—from the similarly ineffective stints of an exceptionally intelligent nuclear physicist and an underachieving C-student, to the two iconic two-term performances of our time: one by a Hollywood actor and Eureka College cheerleader, the other a Rhodes Scholar—what my observations tell me is that a great communicator is most enabled to achieve a great presidency.

Written On Thursday, October 31 2013 09:24

Policy Round Up: Government Shutdown Reaction

Written by Tyler Grote

Late Wednesday night, Congress finally voted to end the 16-day government shutdown, pushing the debt ceiling to February 7, 2014. While both Democrats and Republicans had to make concessions to pass the continuing resolution, there is still much blaming coming from both sides, and neither views this is a legitimate long term solution to the debt problem. With the shutdown over and furloughed government employees back at work, read what some people are saying about the aftermath and where we are headed from here.

Written On Friday, October 18 2013 11:24

Monica Gray Interviews Ian Bremmer: President of the Eurasia Group

Written by Monica Gray

In this interview, Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, sits down with Diplomatic Courier Video Correspondent Monica Gray to discuss a range of policy issues including the global implications of the government shutdown, the administrations missteps in Syria and the big problem with world leaders today.

Written On Tuesday, October 15 2013 10:29

ALEC Exposed!

Written On Thursday, August 29 2013 09:35

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Interview with U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, 2015 Asset Builder Champion Awardee

Written by

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, one of four 2015 Asset Builder Champion Awards recipients, discusses the need for immigration reform and bipartisan policy efforts to help close the racial wealth gap.

Written On Monday, April 27 2015 15:32

Policy Round-Up: Executive Order

Written by Nakia Gladden

President Obama recently signed The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order, which will make it harder for private businesses to win federal contracts if they violate worker's rights.

Written On Wednesday, August 06 2014 23:56

Head in the Sand, Butt in the Polls

Written by Scott Carroll

A recent New York Magazine article identified four pillars to Barack Obama's vision for his presidency, as laid out in his 2009 inaugural address: economic recovery and financial-system reform, healthcare reform, combating climate change, and education reform. Another administration priority identified in the article that did not make it into the 2009 address but has become a domestic policy imperative is comprehensive immigration reform.

Written On Tuesday, July 01 2014 09:33

Policy Round-Up: Immigration Reform

Written by Nakia Gladden

According to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, it’s unlikely that comprehensive immigration reform will pass this year. This is clearly a blow for the Obama Administration, which named immigration reform a top priority for their second term.

Written On Monday, June 30 2014 11:55

The President and the Pope: What’s Missing from their Inequality Talk

Written by Maya Rockeymoore

Perhaps years from now, when President Obama writes his autobiography about his time in office, we’ll learn all the details about his conversation with Pope Francis. We knew before the meeting that economic inequality would be a topic of discussion, and afterwards we were told it was part of the conversation.

Written On Tuesday, April 01 2014 09:22

Policy Round Up: Government Shut Down

Written by Moriah Ray

The government shut down began last Tuesday, October 1, leading to a great deal of frustration amongst politicians and citizens alike. It is not clear how much longer the shut down will last, but thus far it has led to thousands of federal employees being furloughed and essential funding for programs such as Head start being cut. The longer the shut down lasts, the larger the consequences will be. The lack of progress in negotiations has caused a great deal of tension as the debt ceiling deadline quickly approaches on October 17th.

Written On Wednesday, October 09 2013 23:00
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