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PolicyTalk: Denise Brooks-Williams on Health Equity

Written On Monday, April 16 2012 16:31

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Unwarranted Stigma in Sickle Cell Disease

Congress designated September as National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month to help focus attention on the need for research and treatment of sickle cell disease.  Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited condition that affects an estimated 100,000 individuals in the United States and millions globally.

Written On Thursday, October 03 2013 12:01

Who's Afraid of Universal Healthcare?

Written by Scott Carroll

The glaring illogicality just ruining the great theater that is Republican opposition to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), to its apparent imposition of a communal healthcare system upon the storied, once truly free and independent American man (Sorry ladies, I do believe this is stated correctly.), is that this dreaded communal calamity is already the state of healthcare in the United States; it is a communal, universal system of the most ineffective and expensive sort. Whether or not the United States will adopt a universal healthcare system is a non-debate,that decision was made in the affirmative long ago when Congress passed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986.

Written On Tuesday, September 24 2013 13:00

Teen Pregnancy is the Main Reason Girls Drop Out of School. Let's Change This.

Written by Terri Wright

One in three teenage girls who have dropped out of high school give pregnancy or parenthood as the key reason. Once they leave, only half of them complete their high school education by age 22, compared with 90 percent of their non-parenting peers.

Written On Monday, September 09 2013 09:46

Policy Round Up: Affordable Care Act

Written by Shanel Adams

Republican Governor Rick Scott announced his support of Medicaid expansion this Wednesday. This was surprising due to his avid disagreement with the Affordable Care Act prior to last year’s Supreme Court ruling that upholds the law.

Written On Thursday, February 21 2013 16:15

Justice, Sacrifice, and Suffering: The Continued Struggle for Health Equity

Written by Daniel Dawes

While the debates continue as to whether or not the Affordable Care Act (ACA) should be implemented, a key component of health reform that is often overlooked includes health equity and the elimination of disparities in health status and healthcare among vulnerable populations.

Written On Friday, December 07 2012 09:18

Remove Barriers for Veterans Access to Mental Health Care

Over the past several years, suicide rates among our veterans have increased significantly, to nearly 18 each day.  Many of these cases are the result of the inability of our nation’s veterans to access the care they need, when they need it.

Written On Tuesday, November 13 2012 13:51

A Victory for Communities of Color and for the Nation

Written by Kathy Lim Ko

Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that is bound to go down in the history books as monumental. While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been the subject of endless debate, commentary, political jockeying and legal analysis, yesterday we learned a simple lesson: real people can win.

Written On Tuesday, July 03 2012 12:32

Officials Forum: Keep America Moving Forward with Health Care for All

America boasts eighteen of the world's top twenty hospitals. Heads of state from around the globe regularly seek out our doctors for treatment. This is where Dr. Robert Jarvik famously invented the Jarvik-7 artificial heart - generally considered the height of medical technology.

Written On Wednesday, April 11 2012 16:06

Officials Forum: Ryan Plan Reverses Important Health Care Reforms

Written by U.S. Rep. Ron Kind

Two years ago, we took the steps to ensure that Americans are now being protected from unfair insurance practices, are benefiting from free preventive care, and are seeing prescription drug savings and stronger Medicare benefits. Though we must continue work to reform our health care system to provide higher quality care at a better price, for all Americans, we certainly cannot go backwards.

Written On Wednesday, March 28 2012 14:59
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