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Teaming Up For The Win: How Water and Sanitation Can Make a Serious Difference

Written by Robyn Fischer

In case you haven't noticed, big things are happening in the world of water. Just last year, Americans stepped up to ask their government to pass legislation that prioritizes water, sanitation and hygiene for people with exceptional need—and it did. Shortly after, jaws dropped as business magnate and philanthropist Bill Gates made a point of drinking water distilled from human feces. And this week, heads are turning yet again as 11 of the world's most well-known corporations team up with two of the world's most influential organizations in the WASH and freshwater conservation communities to voice their support for the most ambitious, yet achievable, stand-alone goal on water and sanitation that the world has ever seen.

Written On Tuesday, March 24 2015 09:13

Welcome Back Congress, Can I Get You a Glass of Safe Water?

Written by Robyn Fischer

The second week of September was “back to school” time for members of Congress. They arrived on the steps of Congress with their new backpacks, sack lunches, and a slew of legislation to get through before the Lame Duck session.

Written On Monday, September 15 2014 14:31

Water Is Just the Beginning; Toilets Are Not Just the End

Written by Robyn Fischer

Why is it that many children in the developed world don't get sick from drinking water? Is there something in the water? Or is it actually what's not in the water?

Written On Monday, July 21 2014 15:40

Mother Nature Always Wins: My #WaterStory

Written by Lisa Schechtman

Before I entered the fray of Washington, I lived in Colorado. It was an amazing life, one in which I was surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty, and humbled by Mother Nature herself. As I approach another World Water Day in my new world, absent of mountains but full of a lot that is equally meaningful, I'm joining WaterAid supporters across the country in reflecting on an everyday moment when I was reminded of how important water really is. That moment came high in the mountains of the western slope of the Continental Divide, near Vail, Colorado.

Written On Friday, March 21 2014 10:14

50 Days of Action for Women and Girls: Making advocacy count

Written by Lisa Schechtman

One thing I love about my job is that no two days are the same.  “Policy and advocacy” means lots of things: listening, persuading, recommending a course of action and—perhaps most importantly—giving a voice to people who haven’t been given the opportunity to speak up for themselves. Advocacy happens when someone engages in dialogue about an issue they care about—and I care about making water and sanitation a reality for people in every corner of the globe.

Written On Tuesday, May 14 2013 12:12

In Service to Women’s Health This World Water Day, and Every Day

Written by Lisa Schechtman

Water is a women’s issue.

It’s an important adage, one that highlights how we expect governments to prioritize investments in safe drinking water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH), and water resource management. It links to the theme of this year’s World Water Day, too.

Written On Thursday, March 21 2013 12:28

Policy Round Up: Climate Change

Written by Shanel Adams

Earlier this month, President Obama announced Gina McCarthy as the new administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency and Ernez Moniz as the Secretary of the Department of Energy. These nominations are only a catalyst for a stronger focus on environmental-related policy this term.

Written On Thursday, March 14 2013 16:40

To Get From Neglected to Eradicated Will Take A Little WASH

Written by Lisa Schechtman

Ever heard of NTDs? They are the 17 neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) whose infamous members include trachoma, onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis, and soil transmitted helminths (STH) or worms.

Written On Thursday, February 28 2013 11:51

It Doesn’t Have to Happen: Lessons From a Cholera Epidemic

Written by Lisa Schechtman

Charles Dickens wrote “I hope I have taken every available opportunity of showing the want of sanitary improvements in the neglected dwellings of the poor.”

He couldn’t have been more spot on in his observations of the links between sanitation, poverty, rapid urbanization and population growth in the 19th century.

Written On Monday, September 10 2012 12:24

Everyone Poops: The Risks of Being Polite

Written by Lisa Schechtman

When you work on global health policy, it’s hard to avoid topics that push the boundaries of “polite” conversation. Lots of things about our bodies are considered private, even embarrassing. Poop is a good example.

Written On Monday, July 16 2012 17:20
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