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What Works in U.S. Public Schools, Part 4

Written On Tuesday, May 04 2010 01:00

What Works in U.S. Public Schools, Part 3

Written On Tuesday, May 04 2010 01:00

What Works in U.S. Public Schools, Part 2

Written On Tuesday, May 04 2010 01:00

What Works in U.S. Public Schools, Part 1

Written On Tuesday, May 04 2010 01:00

Pivot Point: The Democratic Promise of Public Education

Written On Tuesday, October 20 2009 12:05

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What is the Connection between the Achievement Gap and the Racial Wealth Gap?

Written by Simona Combi

Trina Shanks from The University of Michgan and Tiffany Miller from the Center for American Progress discussed how the achievement gap leads to a wealth gap.

Written On Monday, August 04 2014 17:09

Preventing High School Students from Dropping Out: Different Solutions for Boys and for Girls

Written by Terri Wright

Although boys and girls who drop out of high school sometimes do so for similar reasons, there are also some clear gender differences in what drives them to drop out. If we are to make progress in supporting all students to graduate, we need to understand these different causes for boys and for girls, and create solutions tailored to anticipate, prevent and respond to them.

Written On Thursday, April 04 2013 10:27

Gaps in Graduation Rates Persist: New data underscore the economic and health imperative of supporting students to graduate

Written by Terri Wright

Graduation from high school is not only a rite of passage, it is the ticket to economic prosperity and quality of life. The formula is simple: High school graduates are more employable, healthier and more likely to have health insurance, all of which positively contribute to our economy.

But here’s the flip side of that formula: New graduation data show glaring achievement gaps for students of color and economically disadvantaged students.

Written On Tuesday, January 15 2013 10:35

Zero-Basing Public Schools, Free-Basing Education Policy

Written by Maya Rockeymoore

There was a tale of two school districts on display at Baltimore's Walters Art Museum on Saturday morning. The occasion was Congressman Elijah Cummings's annual arts competition--an event in which students from high schools across his Congressional district submit their best work in the hopes of winning the honor of having their art hang in the bowels of the U.S. Capitol for one year.

Written On Monday, May 17 2010 13:34
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