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What is the Connection between the Achievement Gap and the Racial Wealth Gap?

Written by Simona Combi

Trina Shanks from The University of Michgan and Tiffany Miller from the Center for American Progress discussed how the achievement gap leads to a wealth gap.

Written On Monday, August 04 2014 17:09

Policy Round-Up: Student Loans

Written by Nakia Gladden

The U.S. Senate recently failed to pass the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act (S. 2432). The bill, introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), sought to allow students who took out student loans to refinance permitting them to take advantage of new (and lower) interest rates established for students who applied for federal loans after 2013. 

Written On Monday, June 30 2014 11:42

Chronic Stress Takes a Lasting Toll on Students and Educational Success

Written by Terri Wright

"How do they not know that you are hungry and you didn’t eat yesterday?"

"They say don’t bring weapons, but … I walk to school … and, like, I don’t feel safe."

"My whole life is stressful. I ran away from home … There’s not enough food and everything for everybody to be there. One winter we had no heat. We had no electricity. We had no water. It was bad."

These quotes from students at a Detroit high school provide an inside glimpse at a significant barrier to education—one that is too often overlooked in the quest to improve graduation rates.

Written On Wednesday, June 04 2014 10:36

It’s the Enculturation, Stupid

Written by Scott Carroll

I have just seen a most heartening commercial, now apparently blanketing the metro-Baltimore market; it is the sixth or seventh time I’ve seen the spot in the last two days. It’s really more like a public service announcement, the unstated sponsor’s lettered logo in blue caps, “PNC,” briefly across the final frame. Throughout this commercial a most endearing young voice, a most painfully cute young voice is heard gently imploring, impressing upon all parents the vital importance of parents’ exposing their young children to as much language as possible, because, in the words of this little boy or girl: “birth to five years old, that’s our information age.” “Tell us stories, sing us songs, or just talk to us,” says the child so very simply.

Written On Wednesday, May 14 2014 11:23

Natural Selection, not Lottery

Written by Scott Carroll

The secret to the great success of American industry and innovation throughout the country's short history, to its now default position at the forefront of the world economy, is also the missing link in the mystery of the country's failing education system. Imagine the proposal to make college admissions and corporate and industry personnel decisions on a basis not of individual merit but the results of a random lottery; and yet, this is exactly the latest new thing in education at the lower levels of our education system.

Written On Thursday, April 10 2014 09:37

Experts Agree: It's Time to End Inequities That Impact Education and Health

Written by Terri Wright

We have a good understanding of why students drop out of high school. But if we know this, why aren't students succeeding in schools and why aren't schools succeeding in helping them?

Written On Thursday, March 13 2014 11:22

Diversity and Justice For All: Why Equal Opportunity for Higher Education Matters

Last Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, concerning the constitutionality of the University of Texas at Austin’s (UT) admissions policy. In a 7-1 majority opinion, the Court ruled to preserve the principle that universities may consider racial and ethnic diversity as one factor among many in a carefully crafted admissions policy.

Written On Thursday, June 27 2013 12:28

An Education Declaration for the Future

The Institute for America’s Future and the Opportunity to Learn Campaign have joined a diverse group of education advocates to release an “Education Declaration” that demands a new direction in public school policy, focused on opportunities and supports for students – and respect for teachers.

Written On Wednesday, June 12 2013 16:00

Unpacking Poverty: Three Steps to Ensuring Educational Success for All

Written by Terri Wright

Step One: Call It Out

Education has been labeled the “civil rights issue of our time.” Dropout factories––high schools where no more than 60% of the students that start as freshmen make it to their senior year––has become a common-day term. These low-performing public schools tend to be in the poorest zip codes across our country. The negative impacts of poverty on the health and education of students is well documented, mostly affecting kids of color who tend to live in lower-income communities.

Written On Thursday, April 25 2013 11:55

Tax Deduction for Students Now Will Pay Dividends

I am pleased that the President's FY14 Budget addresses the student loan crisis in our country. From leading the world into the age of democracy to spearheading the technological revolution, America has always been at the forefront of greatness. 

Written On Friday, April 12 2013 13:34
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