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George H. Wood, Executive Director of the Forum for Education and Democracy and Principal at Federal Hocking Middle and High School, discusses the rural Federal Hocking School. Topics include education policy, school reform and methods the administration uses to create a culture of "challenge and engagement."

Jenerra Williams, Teacher at Mission Hill School in Boston, Mass., discusses her experience as a teacher at a U.S. public school and how their culture of learning improves the quality of education.

Chantale Soekhoe, Recent Graduate from Hunter College, discusses her experience at the Urban Academy developing learning skills and discovering the benefits of real education without standardized assessments. When students fail school tests, we need to ask the question, “Are the tests failing the student?”

Roytel Montero, Student at Fenway High School, discusses the personal, professional and academic empowerment gained through teachers and U.S. public education at Fenway High School at the Beyond Standardized Tests Conference in Washington, D.C.

Deborah Meier, Senior Scholar & Adjunct Professor, NYU, discusses the importance of the sense of community in U.S. public schools, education reforms and creating a better form of academic assessment at the Beyond Standardized Tests Conference in Washington, D.C.

Sam Chaltain, National Director of the Forum for Education and Democracy, discusses quality learning environments for the U.S. public schools system, education reform and the "Re-think Learning Now" Campaign.

Kati Haycook, President of the Education Trust, discusses how strengthening the teaching profession can improve student learning and U.S. public schools at the Forum for Education.

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