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Distrust of Athiests and the New Relevance of Faith

Written by Lisa Wade, Ph.D.

Recent research has unearthed the interesting finding that most Americans dislike atheists. In fact, they strongly dislike atheists.

Written On Tuesday, February 14 2012 14:45

Officials Forum: Politics, Religion and Our Moral Obligation

All humans, regardless of religious beliefs, must live by the same Golden Rule: Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. From the President of the United States to everyday Americans, we strive to uphold this belief as we face the challenges of our time to ensure a better future for our great nation.

Written On Wednesday, February 08 2012 15:25

Post-Christmas Blues or Blessings?

Written by Meizhu Lui

During this Christmas season, I thought about debt. No, I’m not talking about lay-aways (but will get to it). I’m talking about the Lord’s Prayer.

Written On Wednesday, February 01 2012 16:05