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Ashley Judd, Please Reconsider!

Written by Maya Rockeymoore

Ms. Judd, I was disheartened to read that you decided not to run against Mitch McConnell for the Kentucky senate seat. Several days prior to your announcement, I was especially disturbed by reports that the Clinton machine had thrown their support behind newly elected Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes. News accounts suggested that they favored Ms. Lundergan Grimes because of her family's political ties and her more moderate ideological views, which they believed would go over well in the supposedly conservative state.

Written On Thursday, March 28 2013 16:03

Say it Louder: Funk, Rap, & Movement Music

Written by Mariah Craven

“Say it loud!” “I’m Black and I’m proud!” I’d just placed an order for a tall soy vanilla latte when the music filtered through the fog in my brain. After I handed over a good chunk of my paycheck to the barista, I raised an eyebrow at him and pointed in the direction of a speaker. “Are you hearing this?” He shrugged and moved on to take the next order.

Written On Tuesday, February 26 2013 14:22