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Gender job segregation is the practice of filling certain occupations with mostly male or mostly female workers. Today, 40 percent of women work in jobs that are three-fourths female or more and 45 percent of men work in jobs that are more than three-fourths male. Job segregation is the main cause of the wage gap between men and women because jobs that employ women pay somewhere between 5-19 percent less than ones that employ men.

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One of our Pinterest boards collects images that reveal that men are the “neutral” sex in contemporary Western cultures. This means that (1)  the image that pops up in our minds when we say “person” or “human” or “worker” is usually implicitly male, (2) non-sexed representations of people are usually assumed to be male (e.g., cartoon animals appear female to us unless we slap on eyelashes and lipstick), (3) items for sale often get marketed as either “item” or “women’s item” (e.g., “deodorant” and “women’s deodorant”), and (4) men and male bodies get to stand in for humanity (e.g., in scientific research).

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Tuesday, 09 April 2013 15:15

45 Years to Equality is Too Long

Imagine the year 2057. What does it look like? Are you picturing driverless cars, tiny tablet supercomputers, and everyone wearing a pair of Google glasses? Are you picturing a country where women finally earn as much as men?

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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 13:51

Class Privilege and Parental Leave

The United States is unusual among developed countries in guaranteeing exactly zero weeks of paid time-off from work upon the birth or adoption of a child. Japan offers 14 weeks of paid job-protected leave, the U.K. offers 18, Denmark 28, Norway 52, and Sweden offers 68 (yes, that’s over a year of paid time-off to take care of a new child).

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Question and answers session at the Economic Security for Women Conference. Topics include economic development, women of color and long-term wealth development.

Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever discusses the wealth of women as a crucial issue in U.S. economic recovery at the Economic Security for Women Conference.

Representative Yvette Clarke (D-NY) discusses the importance of women-owned businesses as an asset building strategy at the Economic Security for Women Conference.

Maya Rockeymore and Dr. Heidi Hartman discuss how Obama’s Social Security reform policy may affect women and children receiving Social Security benefits and why now is not a good time to change public policy in regards to women of color and those struggling in poverty.

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Monday, 08 March 2010 06:12

Women of Color Have One Penny of Wealth

Meishu Lui of the Insight Center for Community Development discusses the importance of improving women of color's wealth and strategies for asset building and management at the Economic Security for Women Conference.

C. Nicole Mason, Ph.D., Executive Director at the Women of Color Policy Research Network at NYU, discusses how women of color, including immigrants, are often cheated when it comes to wealth management and asset building.

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