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Nakia Gladden

Citigroup, one of the nation's biggest banks, has agreed to pay $7 billion to settle claims brought on by the Justice Department because of its participation in the housing crisis. After a federal investigation lead by Attorney General Eric Holder, the bank admitted to deceiving consumers and engaging in risky subprime mortgages.

Tuesday, July 22 2014 18:59

Robyn Fischer

Why is it that many children in the developed world don't get sick from drinking water? Is there something in the water? Or is it actually what's not in the water?

Monday, July 21 2014 15:40

Maya Rockeymoore

By john a. powell and Maya Rockeymoore

In this year's State of the Union address, President Obama announced a new initiative focused on the needs of boys and men of color. While the overall address received much applause, this new effort was met with a conspicuous silence. The president may have anticipated this less than generous response. As if to preemptively address his critics, he assured the nation that this initiative would not require any money from the government and instead would be funded through private donations from foundations and other nongovernment entities.

Wednesday, July 09 2014 14:21

Nakia Gladden

In the most unlikely of pairs, first-term Senators Corey Booker and Rand Paul, have teamed up to introduce a measure that will create a comprehensive overhaul of the US Criminal Justice system. The legislation, called the Record Expungement Designed to Enhance Employment (REDEEM Act), was introduced Tuesday, July 8th.

Wednesday, July 09 2014 14:06

Scott Carroll

A recent New York Magazine article identified four pillars to Barack Obama's vision for his presidency, as laid out in his 2009 inaugural address: economic recovery and financial-system reform, healthcare reform, combating climate change, and education reform. Another administration priority identified in the article that did not make it into the 2009 address but has become a domestic policy imperative is comprehensive immigration reform.

Tuesday, July 01 2014 09:33

Nakia Gladden

According to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, it’s unlikely that comprehensive immigration reform will pass this year. This is clearly a blow for the Obama Administration, which named immigration reform a top priority for their second term.

Monday, June 30 2014 11:55

Nakia Gladden

The U.S. Senate recently failed to pass the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act (S. 2432). The bill, introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), sought to allow students who took out student loans to refinance permitting them to take advantage of new (and lower) interest rates established for students who applied for federal loans after 2013. 

Monday, June 30 2014 11:42

Terri Wright

"How do they not know that you are hungry and you didn’t eat yesterday?"

"They say don’t bring weapons, but … I walk to school … and, like, I don’t feel safe."

"My whole life is stressful. I ran away from home … There’s not enough food and everything for everybody to be there. One winter we had no heat. We had no electricity. We had no water. It was bad."

These quotes from students at a Detroit high school provide an inside glimpse at a significant barrier to education—one that is too often overlooked in the quest to improve graduation rates.

Wednesday, June 04 2014 10:36
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