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Marva Allen

Ms. Marva Allen is CEO of the Hue-Man Bookstore and Cafe in Harlem. An author and lecturer on entrepreneurship, Allen's contributions to leading business growth initiatives span 25 years. She is past president and a co-owner of USI, a multi-million dollar technology firm and is the recipient of numerous business awards, including the IBM & Kodak Excellence Award, the MMBDC Diamond Award, and Crain's Business 40 Under 40.

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I discovered Pandora. I may be late to the game but thanks to my wonderful son I found this amazing technology. For those who are yet to discover Pandora, it is an Internet radio station that allows you to customize the music you want to listen to on any given day or for any given mood.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 13:35

The Power of True Leadership

I was exhausted by the assault and battery of this past political election.  Battered and bruised by political tomfoolery, I had vowed to watch HGTV for the rest of my days carefully plotting my escape to a simpler life.

Let me say up front, I am no expert on poverty. By that I mean that I am not a statistician or a sociologist, nor do I belong to any related group considered fluent in the language of poverty. I am, however, a business owner in Harlem, which led me to my Gandhi moment of discovery and enlightenment.