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Keecha Harris

Dr. Keecha Harris is an alumnus of the inaugural class of Food and Society Policy Fellows supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. As a Fellow, she communicated messages about the relationships between food production and consumption and their impacts on local economies, human health and the environment. She has published in referred sources such as Journal of NutritionJournal of the American Dietetic Associationand Gellis and Kagan's 17th edition of Current Pediatric Therapy. Her media experiences include providing expertise for print, broadcast and electronic media such as, Healthy CHILDcareEssence,Better Nutrition, Real Health and National Public Radio’s Marketplace. Previously, she was the Nutrition Expert for MSN Health and Fitness and produced weekly articles.  She is a contributing author to Whole Measures for Community Food Systems: Values Based Planning and Evaluation.

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Wednesday, 04 May 2011 14:36

Why Albert is Fat

When the Three Stooges attacked each other with hammers and eye-poking fingers, generations of TV-watchers found their antics to be funny but hardly something to emulate. Fat Albert and his legions of fans among minority children are a different story. His jolly demeanor and loveable nature are inseparably associated with his girth.