Mariah Craven

Mariah Craven

Mariah Craven is the director of communications and marketing at Washington Area Women’s Foundation, the only donor-supported, public foundation solely focused on improving the lives of women and girls in the Washington metro area. Prior to working in the nonprofit field, Mariah was a broadcast journalist. She writes and makes short films about a variety of topics ranging from entertainment to poverty and civil rights to social media. You can find her on Twitter at: @Mariah_Craven.

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Up to five million people who use food stamps are at risk of losing those benefits due to changes proposed by Congress to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), according to a new report from the Health Impact Project (HIP). Here are three reasons why you should be outraged about this.

On the morning of May 31st, Biannela Susana will find out how much more time she’ll spend in prison in connection with the death of her youngest son. Whether the judge sentences her to the maximum 30 years or not, it’s hard to imagine that any punishment will top the nightmare that her life has been so far. In 2011, Biannela and her then 12-year-old son Cristian were charged in the death of two-year-old David.

45 Years to Equality is Too Long

Published in Gender
Tuesday, April 09 2013 15:15

Imagine the year 2057. What does it look like? Are you picturing driverless cars, tiny tablet supercomputers, and everyone wearing a pair of Google glasses? Are you picturing a country where women finally earn as much as men?

Say it Louder: Funk, Rap, & Movement Music

Published in Popular Culture
Tuesday, February 26 2013 14:22

“Say it loud!” “I’m Black and I’m proud!” I’d just placed an order for a tall soy vanilla latte when the music filtered through the fog in my brain. After I handed over a good chunk of my paycheck to the barista, I raised an eyebrow at him and pointed in the direction of a speaker. “Are you hearing this?” He shrugged and moved on to take the next order.

For Better or For Worse: The Fight over Single Parenting

Published in Gender
Tuesday, January 29 2013 13:28

"It's better to be raised by a single mom."

"It's worse to be raised by a single mother."

The first argument cited above was written by a single mother who believes that her choice to raise her children on her own gave them "grit." The second argument was made by a man raised by a single mother. He sees himself and his success as more the exception than the rule.