About Us

GlobalPolicy.tv is a web-based public affairs platform that explores important issues related to public policy, politics, and popular culture. Our mission is to introduce you to commentary on a wide-range of issues from a diverse group of people and perspectives.

In today’s world, there are many deep thinkers, committed advocates, accomplished scholars, and passionate spokespeople who not only have a lot to say about the challenges facing humanity but have ideas that can actually help change our world for the better.  Unfortunately, these experts have few mainstream outlets through which their information and opinions can be heard.

GlobalPolicy.tv seeks to democratize the “public square” by creating a multi-media platform that showcases diverse people and views that are truly reflective of our nation and world. It seeks to highlight solutions to our most intractable challenges and to demonstrate that there are many people who have informed opinions and good ideas on a wide variety of subjects.

Most importantly, we seek to help the leaders of our democratic institutions understand the importance of embracing diversity – for we can best solve our problems when we recognize, leverage, and deploy the best ideas from a wide variety of sources. Ultimately, our tagline conveys what we are all about: “Diverse voices with real solutions for a changing world.”

We hope that you enjoy the content, share links with your friends and colleagues, and offer your own opinions and contributions.