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  • Wealth or Good Parenting? Framing the Privileges of the Rich

    Written by Lisa Wade, Ph.D.
    Lisa Wade, Ph.D.

    "What is it that I want?"

    Jane Van Galen asked herself this question after reading a gushing profile of an "island cabin" in The Seattle Times. It begins: "Lots of folks have lots of reasons for wanting their own piece of land out of town" and quotes one of the new cabin's owners who, when pregnant, came to realize: "I can't raise a child just in the city ... I wanted woods, salamanders and pileated woodpeckers."

    Written on Monday, August 11 2014 16:12 Read more
  • Policy Round-Up: Executive Order

    Written by Nakia Gladden
    Nakia Gladden

    President Obama recently signed The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order, which will make it harder for private businesses to win federal contracts if they violate worker's rights.

    Written on Wednesday, August 06 2014 23:56 Read more
  • What is the Connection between the Achievement Gap and the Racial Wealth Gap?

    Written by Simona Combi
    Simona Combi

    Trina Shanks from The University of Michgan and Tiffany Miller from the Center for American Progress discussed how the achievement gap leads to a wealth gap.

    Written on Monday, August 04 2014 17:09 Read more
  • It's Time for an Inclusion Revolution

    Written by Maya Rockeymoore
    Maya Rockeymoore

    Brows furrowed, eyes focused, I was busy concentrating on my latest artistic masterpiece. As my hands carefully guided the acrylic paint across the canvas with the stroke of a brush, I became aware of a classmate standing nearby silently contemplating my subject. I paused and gave him a quizzical look. After all, my ninth grade art class was in full swing and we were supposed to be focused on our own work. Was there something that I could help him with? As if reading my mind, he said, "Why do you always paint black people?"

    Written on Sunday, August 03 2014 23:52 Read more
  • Policy Round-Up: Citigroup

    Written by Nakia Gladden
    Nakia Gladden

    Citigroup, one of the nation's biggest banks, has agreed to pay $7 billion to settle claims brought on by the Justice Department because of its participation in the housing crisis. After a federal investigation lead by Attorney General Eric Holder, the bank admitted to deceiving consumers and engaging in risky subprime mortgages.

    Written on Tuesday, July 22 2014 18:59 Read more

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